Whom We Teach

We teach your top producers how to take their game to the next level. That’s because you get a much better return (10 times better!) sooner by investing limited training dollars in your top producers. Most training dollars are spent on mid to low level people. The objective is to get them to perform more like your top producers. Little or no money is spent on training the top people because they are already very good, or so the thinking goes. But even a small improvement in your best is much better than a big improvement in the rest. It could help you survive this hostile economy.

Also, in my training classes it’s the best people who learn the most. They get and use it faster. That is what made them your best people in the first place. Now that you know where to allocate your training budget, here is why you should invest it sooner rather than later.

Your top people are fighting the biggest battles. In business there is no prize money when you finish second. All of the spoils go to the winner. And the difference between winning and losing is razor thin. I interviewed a woman who had recently chosen a service provider for a $300 million project.  When asked why she chose the winner over the competitive alternatives, she explained that she thought they were a little more responsive. Think about that. After countless hours of research, preparation, interviews, proposal writing and presentations the second place finisher in this competition lost business worth $300,000,000 for lack of a few timely phone calls. What would it mean to your organization if each of your top people won one more “bake off” this year.

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