Selling Real Estate Services

Selling Real Estate Services Book
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“Win More Business While Doing Less Selling”

Whether you’re a real estate broker, lender, manager, builder, or designer, Selling Real Estate Services will show you how to join the ranks of the top producers. Author Robert Potter shows you how to get chosen over your best competitors and stop competing on price. The secret is called Third-Level Selling. It’s the technique that the most successful real estate service providers use to build strategic partnerships, win new business, and retain committed clients.

Most real estate service providers are stuck at Level-One Selling they do little more than pitch their capabilities to prospective clients; In Level-Two Selling, real estate providers are able to position their capabilities as superior to their competitors; but Third-Level partners win by finding and then aligning to unique client characteristics, preferences, and circumstances. While First-Level and Second-Level providers talk about themselves and their competitors, Third-Level partners know more about their clients. They understand each client personally and professionally. They understand clients’ properties, projects, and preferences. In short, they understand that the sales process isn’t about them, but about the client.

In Selling Real Estate Services, you’ll take your business to the Third Level by:

  • Mastering the communication skills that build partnerships and loyal clients
  • Understanding how clients choose among service providers and why price is often the least important aspect of the client’s decision to choose you
  • Engaging clients on a strategic and client-centered level
  • Presenting and positioning solutions that fit the client and beat the competition
  • Accelerating personal and professional relationships to create long-term client partners who will sell for you

Winning in the Invisible Market

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The technology bust, terrorist attacks, corporate scandals and war have created a “perfect storm” of economic adversity leaving professional service providers facing the most challenging business environment in over a generation.

How are successful professional service providers (consultants, attorneys, accountants, entrepreneurs, advertising and PR executives, architects, etc.) selling and winning new business in these turbulent times? Author Robert Potter spent the last two years asking providers and their clients that question and found that the tactics that worked in better times are no longer sustainable. This book provides a map and navigation tools to penetrate and capture new business in the Invisible Market, the market where the business is really won. It takes the buying and selling patterns gleaned from top service professionals and their clients and translates them into a logical and learnable process that makes finding, accessing, winning and retaining new clients far easier and more rewarding.